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2 November 2007. Ton is still rather ill from the infection of his lungs. 

30 October 2007. We won't go to Spain, that is definite. Tony is far too ill. We are very sad, because it is a bad thing for the good cause, if nobody is going, and we longed to see the old friends again, and - in Tony's case - bid them goodbye. Till we meet again, as they say in Protestant Spain: down here, or Up There! 

4 october 2007. The GP keeps to the hospitals rule. So we have to fend for our selves.  

3 october 2007. 19.15 uur: Ton is home! He is quite content, and feels a lot safer now.  

2 october 2007. 22 uur. Ton is prepared to go home. They assured him that the condition of his heart is worse than 1 1/2 year ago. Now, isn't that a miracle, at his age?  
He weighs about 68 kg, which means he has lost 14,2 kg of boy fluid. Alas, vital tissues are dehydrated as well.  

1 october 2007. 21.45 uur. Ton has tried half a flight of stairs up and down. And 1060 steps. The needle has been removed from his wrist, and the rest of the medicine goes oral now as well. The legs have their old form, his tummy not yet quite. The fluid there still hinders his heart and lungs. 69,7 kg. But the chemicals he is infused with make him itch day and night. Very tiring.  

30 september 2007. Sunday. Without problems Ton was brought to church, and I had a service in Heusden. When I came he had already walked around with the rollator Betty had brought him. Some nice sisters today, but this mrning a handful of pillls was offered to him that he did not recognize and did not trust, so he refused them. They were not meant for him, but if he had been less alert, he might be dead by now!! 
But on the contrary: he made it to his goal: the millennium. 1000 steps. 
Parel, René and Mik came late tonight. With a present for granddad.  

Mik amused himself under the bed and between the curtains. 

Deze patiënt heeft bijvoeding nodig!29 september 2007. Today Ton was feeling not too well. Aftersome hours I spotted the probable course: flowers in the ward. He is allergic to them, but although it has been mentioned, no notice is being taken of that. 

His stomach had more room in his body, so he needs extra food, preferably of the sweet kind. 

Oh - oh!


28 september 2007. Ton has been lying down for more than an hour more or less flat on his back. He could not do that for a long time! But his respiration was suffering. And some symptoms indicated an ischaemic incident, the GP and I differed in opinion about the source. The digital pictures of the lungs enlightened me more than 1000 words: the room they have to do their work is less than 2/3 of normal life. 
Ton greets from here all those gentle friends that send him cards and email greetings and prayers. And proudly presents the present from Betty and Ferry: a green and brand new rollator, to help him walk with more ease and stability. 


27 september 2007. Today Ton put 700 steps behind him, but at a great cost. We went to the hospital chapel, be it not without sitting down a lot of times. Ton loved the Bible with the illustrations of Chagall... Tonight Ton has read to me some bible verses. Up till now I read them to him. He is looking older and older now... 

26 september 2007. Wednesday. Ton deems he is making progress. But he looks a 100 years old. He walked 600 steps, which is 100 more than yesterday. The blood pressure is ranking higher, I don't like that. He weighed 77 kg this morning, 5 kg less than on admittance. How long will it take??? 


Tonio came by after work, bringing a big picture of his daughter Amber, and some of her drawings. You can see them behind him... 

wonderbare icoon uit Agapia25 september 2007. Evening. A reasonable day. Ton walked 100 steps on end, in stead of hardly 50. Today the atmosphere was friendly. And the  results were satisfactory today, we reckon it may have something to do with the Agapia icon, that hangs behind him. And your very much appreciated prayers. It is not the Mother but the Son Who works miracles. 

Tuesday morning. Ton called that he had slept reasonably well, and a different shift of sisters made a positive change to the atmosphere in the ward. Maybe Ton can come home in about 10 days. Ton said: he felt safe only those hours I was around. 

24 september 2007, monday. Ton had a bad heart night. For a bad hair day he has not enough hair left. 
medication has been changed again, but lo! I have been talking to the young man that will be a doctor one of these years, and is responsible for this ward. He consented in hot milk with honey in lieu of yet another pill, to make Ton sleep better.  The furosemide makes Tons heart jump and jitter, but it is not in the book, so it is not true. Pearl did not come, because Mik is ill. 

Ton versierd door CTCA23 september 2007. Sunday evening. Ton did in parts some 300 steps, but could hardly keep his eyes open, when Betty came and brought the colourful slings they made for him! 
It seems that the medics are content about Tons progress, but it may still take a lot of time before he can leave here. 

Church going was hectic, he was despite our efforts not on the list, so I put him on it when I came to church in hospital, and they just made it to get him in time. 

22 september 2007. Ton is more or less right at the moment. With a minimum of energy. He walked not too much, today, 250 steps, but he had a lot of visitors: Laetitia and Barend and kids, darlings, but mercifully Tonio was a lot quieter after them ;-)  Ton brushed his own teeth (which lodge still in his mouth). It is very difficult to get some hard data about his health. I plan a screaming party, unless I have the opportunity to talk to some doctor before monday. The blood pressure is still high, 164-104 but has been worse.  

21 September 2007. Late. Ton is blue and bruised all over because of the blood thinners. They reduce the risk of embolic problems, but we fear the risk of the haemorrhage of the brain. An unpleasant encounter with one of the nurses made Ton fretful. He was not well when I left him. 

ton in UMC 20-9-2007 Ton had a rotten night, has been punched, and moved abut, but still thinks things are going in the right direction. He even walked a bit on the corridor. 270 steps by 50s at a time. :-) 

The influx will be oral by now. Good for him. Ton is tired to death and has no need for visitors. 

20 September 2007. Ton woke with a headache, because some nurse would come and wake him the moment he slept, to check him, and to wish him a good night... :-(  The pastor loci came, but a host of paramedics tried to interest Ton at the same time for their job. So I had to ask them to come back later. After that we had a talk with the young man that acted as the ward doctor, and Laetitia came by for a moment. After dinner came our own pastor, so it was quite a day... but we managed to walk around a bit. Ton has a special decubitus bed now, and that helps. He has no fear any more for the night. 

20-9 Ton had a restless but reasonable night. He got the creeps of all the medics that paraded along his bed. He needed me to understand and answer for him, but they kept me away. 

19 September 2007. I slept in hospital but in spite of the fact that Ton asked for me twice they did not wake me, and they kept me from going to him, even when they promised us different. Gives little confidence. The duration of Tons stay in hospital may be two weeks at least. 

14 hr. Ton is in hospital, after some long and difficult sessions... Ton had some 15 kg oedema, but he is loosing it forcibly.  

18 September 2007. The G.P had been, and now we wait for the ambulance. Not life-threatening, but still... 

17 September 2007. A bad day!

13 September 2007. Ton slept all night in his own bed. More or less. And this afternoon he walked 200 small steps. Nothing for mankind, a lot for him.

11September 2007. The visit to the doctor stimulated Ton a bit. Physically I see no difference.  

8September 2007. Ton is a bit better, but the night was long and hard. The puffers work better and longer.  :-)

6 September 2007. The asphixia was worse than ever, tonight. Terrible. But the miracle happened around half past three, and Ton had been able to sleep a little. The oedema can have been caused by toxoplasmosis. Ton has a little bit more interest in the world. 

3 September 2007. Wrong idea. Ton fears the coming of the night... 

1 September 2007. Ton thinks he survived the crisis... 

31 Augustus 2007. Another dreadful night. Visit to the doctors did not help much. The new puffer had minimal effect.

27 Augustus 2007. An endless row of sleepless nights. Ton is weakening, the normal medication does not work. Yesterday a nice service in Soesterberg, where I had not preached for years. 

25 Augustus 2007. Ton is having trouble with his breathing, which means that he can't sleep normally at night, but naps in a chair, sitting upright...

We had good times, after that, we both worked hard, had a great international pilgrimage with the armies, Ton went on his own to London, and after that to France, but than he was already an ill man...


26-2-2007. Please accept my apologies for my absence for so long a time. I just could not keep it up, lack of sleep etc...
But now there is very special news:  
our youngest daughter Laetitia has given birth to a lovely son on the  22-2-2007.  He was about 52 cm and 3840 grams. Have a look at http://home.hccnet.nl/betty.voerman/pieter_alexander_veldman.html for the first pictures. 

His proud grandfather is showing them around and he was very happy to visit his daughter and her family some hours after the birth. Laetitia is doing very well, she even managed to stage the 3rd birthday of her lovely daughter Charlotte on the 24th!!!! See: www.van-haselen.nl/lotteliesje.html  She is so cute!
Ton is keeping extremely well for his age and situation. .He still preaches, and manages to remain interesting, by reading and studying a lot.  
God, homeopathy and physiotherapy keep him moving :-)


And it went up and steeply down again, and slowly up...

21-3-2006. Ton is getting stronger since he has twice a week a treatment from the physiotherapist. He can walk now for about 15 minutes on his own, when he has a good day. So I'll accompany him yet with the wheelchair, since the cold, cold winter wind can all of a sudden take all his breath away, but he has hopes to get less depending on me... And every now and then he will take the chair and preach. :-)

5th of March... Ton is having his 85th birthday, and I have my umpteenth one. This afternoon nearly all the kinds will come for some 2 hours. (Actually we were 14, kids and grandchildren included. Pearl, René and Mik were absent, because René was ill, and Pearl had to sing that afternoon). It was a lot of joy to see them all together, and it was sheer delight when we were alone again. ;-) 
From left to right: Charlotte, daughter of Laetitia and Barend, Alessandra and Ton, youngest of Betty's triplets, Betty and her elder daughter Cathy, Amber, Tonio's daughter, and Ton. Our grandson managed to escape the picture taking...




6 January 2006. Tonio is having his 37th birthday! :-)

2 January 2006. We wish you all a very beautiful and blessed 2006. May the Lord of all moments and eternity keep you save and happy.

Despite a week of worries over Tons blood pressure, we went to the little town of Heusden as usual, for the New Years Eve service, which was my due. But Tony had to step in for a few moments, because I had a bout of belly flu, which caused me to hurry down the church to the premises... All went well, I just could not partake of the lovely dinner our friends Hilwig had prepared. We came home late yesterday, and Tony was terribly tired, but he had a good night, and in a few minutes we're off to the dentist. This is going to be a frightfully medical week... :-(

26-12-2005. There was a beautiful service in Heusden. Ton had insisted on having the service himself, maybe for the last time. Everything went smooth. The service was in Dutch of course, but you can look at the music, which is international. ;-) Ton was wearing the beautiful Mexican cross, a present from our friend the famous actor Roberto d'Amico who lives over there. 
Even Pearl and Mik had come, in spite of many adversities. After the service we drank coffee in church, and Mik was allowed to play the organ, together with Edy, who is very good with children, (and mothers and grandmothers). 

Later we went to Dukes Wood. Tonio lived there with wife and daughter. We were rather sure they would be at the grand parents as usual. And lo! They were! We had a quiet moment there, and Ton enjoyed very much the comfort of so many of his children together. Left of him Pearl and Tonio. And his granddaughter Amber was there too, who played very sweetly with Mik. After some 3/4 hour Ton was drained of all remaining energy, so we had to pack Mik forcibly into the car and we went home, where Ton went to bed with a deep sigh of relief... ;-)

15 December 2005. Ton had been to a physiotherapist, recently, and feels that it helps him with his breathing. I feel that the 'monster' in his lungs is unchained, and he is making more and more noise... 

2 October 2005. Miracles do happen!  :-) Today Tony took the Stool himself in our dear little town of Heusden. I was but stand-by, and so not needed. Ton calls that the effect of the handrail one doesn't need, as long as it is there... :-) Manifold are wifely duties! ;-))
We had coffee afterwards at the old familiar home of our friends Frederik and Barbro Hilwig, stayed for a light lunch, overlooking the sunlit garden, (such lovely weather) and were taken home far too late for Tony, who slept all the way in the back of the car. 
Past Friday and Saturday Tony was by no means sure that he would be able to assist the service, let alone to preach and conduct the whole service himself. 
Actually, it must have been Himself. :-)

24-9-2005. The medication is taking effect, and Tony is much better now. He has walked a few steps today, and he is reading his Greek Grammar again, which means that a) he is ill, b) he is better than last week... Praise be the Lord. 

20-9-2005. Ton had a few days of relief, but the last 10 days or more he suffered from extreme lack of breath. Could not even lay down in his bed to sleep. So I called the medics, and suggested a problem with the heart in addition to the lungs, and that was obviously a hit. So there is a range of medicaments to be taken, sometimes he seems better, but in the afternoon he was back to zero... not that long, so we have hope that the positive effects may prevail over the damage, all these chemicals are doing to the body of my beloved...

6-9-2005 Ton has been very near to the gates of eternity, these last few weeks, but he is very much better now, thanks to God!

14-7-2005. A new medicament, a new bit of hope for the time being. Ton enjoys going out on his own, in his electric wheelchair... So is he doing now, since it is fresher than in daytime. We are blessed. :-)

9-6-2005. Tony is the tiniest bit better today, but still ill. He is more optimistic though. :-)
Tomorrow my sister Gima's son is getting his Master of Business Administration at the Cranfield university. He has been going to and fro during a couple of years, knows all about easyjet by now, and will be wearing his colorful kappa tomorrow with grace, we are sure! :-)

6-6-2005. This spell of good health lasted no more than 10 days or less. A heavy bronchitis threw Tony down on his bed again, but today he was out and sat up for some hours on a chair. Let's hope he sleeps better for it, for so will I! ;-)

27-05-2005 A miracle happened last Sunday 22nd of May. At noon Ton was much better, all of a sudden. Praise be the Lord. :-) Easily tired still, but much better! :-)

10-5-2005 We had a wonderful service, last Sunday. Alas, the minidisk got cleared somehow when I tried to get the sound bytes over to the PC, so Tony can't listen to it. (..... Sony for their awful software!) Tony is ill as well, so I guess that tomorrow things múst be better... ;-p 

8-5-2005. Tony is not well at all, so I'll go alone today. 

7-5-2005. Ton is having a dip! This morning he felt it might turn into a real cold, but though feverish, and very, very tired, his lungs seem a bit quieter than this morning. The Central Heating is out again, I see, must turn it on again. It is running on its last legs, kept going for a couple of days, and today I have kindled it twice already. 
I'll miss him sorely tomorrow, when I commemorate the fact that I am in the pulpit for 25 years, that Sunday exaudi.

April the 5th 2005. We have been busy the last time! Both a service at Easter Sunday, with a lot of preparation of course, so that we were nearly finished that evening... but both we were blessed with a great joy out of the feast. Charlotte looks at the white bear under Grandpa's coat...The next afternoon we went to visit our youngest granddaughter, Charlotte, whose first birthday we missed, (she is a cutey), and Tony managed to stay there for nearly 2 hours, before he choked (on the cat). We even went to the pictures (Mar Adentro, great and thought provoking), but after that Tons health became a bit less jubilant. Nevertheless we went today to the cremation of an very old friend (Ton has known her for over 71 years) not too far from Utrecht. The weather was nice, and after the train it was a brisk walk of half an hour for me, and a healthy half hour for Ton, who sat and enjoyed the ride. ;-) My grandparents were buried there, in 1942 and 1962, so we asked for information of their whereabouts, and they are still there, and now we have to pay for the keeping up of the grave. ;-) Funny! Anyway, at the cremation we met an old school friend of Tons, and so there was both gain and loss... 

golden pair5-3-2005 was a very special day. Both our birthdays, and our 40th wedding anniversary. But since Ton had a French Service on the 6th, which usually does cost him a lot of stress and energy in preparing, especially nowadays, we spent the 5th in working hard, typing and deleting, baking and scratching, but in the end the result was satisfying. 
Then on the sixth, Sunday, Ton had his service at half past ten, had coffee with the people, and then we had a very intimate service at half past twelve, with a small group of friends that monthly gathers in this very church, and with both my sisters, for they were there, 40 years ago! and most of our children and some grand children. After the service we had a great lunch on goodies everybody had brought. It was like de Lords miracle: it seemed there was more left, than initially brought in. 

25-11-2004 Some weeks of illness after a service end of October have reduced Ton's energy, but his mind is active enough. There are no services to be prepared now, but there will be 2 in December, for him. Same for me. Yesterday we went out in the cold winter sun, by wheelchair, and Tony managed to walk about 50 meter. Not one of his best days, but a lot better than it has been! :-) So praise the Lord. 

18-10-2004 Tons service last week (10-10) was a matter of thanks and joy. The sun was shining, the choir was singing beautiful, the impressive Saint peters Church in Utrecht was a gem and the more than 200 people, some of them even came from Paris, just for the occasion!, were mingling freely and happily. Pictures can be seen at: http://home.hccnet.nl/betty.voerman/tonvoerman50jaarVDM.html and the service can be found at  http://home.hccnet.nl/betty.voerman/50jaar.html Enjoy!

6-10-2004 Monday Ton was total loss, but Tuesday he picked himself somewhat up again, and busied himself with the service of Sunday to come, when his celebration will take place. Pray for his health and strength. Please!

3-10-2004 Today was Ton 50 years in the service of the Lord. He went and took a service in Tiel this morning, brought and taken back by car by daughter Betty, and was dead to the world after that. He woke just in time for an evening service of a friend and colleague from the time of the Military Hospital where the worked for some years side by side. This person was ordained the very same day as Tony! But Tony will have a special service next week. At 2.30 hrs in the St. Peters Church here in Utrecht. So you are invited too!

29-9-2004. We are heading for better days, it seems! ;-) Ton had a service last Sunday, Pearl brought him by car and transported him home again, which was a great help, since I had a service in Amsterdam. He slept all Sunday afternoon and most of Monday, but yesterday he pottered about in his study for at least 2 hours. 

19-9-2004 Ton slept a lot today, but at the end of the afternoon I took him for a walk in the wheelchair, after which he was very tired, and slept peacefully after dinner. He feels a bit better on the whole, but so weak... and there is a service Sunday, which I can't take over, I have one of my own... So the Lord is humbly begged for a great miracle! :-)

4-9-2004. Ton has been a lot better, but somehow things went amiss again, and he is hankering for the moments he can take his inhalator and take a puff of his medicine... Oh dear, in 5 weeks time he is to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his calling. So say a little prayer for him, please. 9-9-2004. It seems a tiny prayer has been heard Up There! :-) His respiration is a bit better. 

11-8-2004 Alas! The heat gave Ton a bad turn, so that he could hardly exhale this morning, and he had to give up all plans for tomorrow. Instead he will go to the doctor. What a pity! But it is raining heavily now, so it will turn better next week, we assume.  

8-8-2004 The heat is oppressive and does no good to Tony's lungs, but still... he enjoys the days and hopes to go over to England for a Remembrance Service for one of his oldest friends. Alone! So there! His blood pressure could be better but is not bad.

2-8-2004 The internist is content with Tons blood pressure, and deems him worthy of the operation table again, soon, when it is convenient for all parties. So we'll wait and see. After this verdict Tons blood pressure rose spontaneously, but so did yesterday's and today's temperature. There might be some connection... 

26-7-2004 God only knows why, but at times (few and far between) Tons blood pressure is falling indeed. Whether it be Holy Intervention, Saint Lambert, Homeopathy or the pills of the good internists which caused that, we don't know, but we are grateful for small miracles. 

19-7-2004 Today we went back to hospital to see the nice internist. He was not quite content with the blood pressure, or with the fact that we reduced the amount of medicine to a level prescribed for elderly people by the makers of the drug, entirely in accordance with what I felt and Dr. De Haas (homeopath) measured... In a few weeks we are to report back. So pray for a small miracle. They have done bigger ones Up There... :-) 

6-7-2004 Yesterday we went to hospital to see an internist. A very pleasant guy called Huisman. Investigations follow, in order to exclude the possibility that I am right, and the heparin-derivate caused Tons high blood pressure. The first this afternoon, and that must have been per providentia Dei because normally one is lucky to get an appointment within 5 - 6 weeks, but the moment we tried to make that appointment somebody called off. Isn't life beautiful? After that in two weeks time back to the internist, and then (we hope) back on the list for the surgeon. In the mean time Tony blood pressure remains between reasonable values, and we go on as usual (May be we will walk a bit more, for health's sake, but soon we will forget that again, I fear!) 

3-7-2004 Ton is not unhappy about his blood pressure. So that is a good thing. And Pearl may be very happy, for she and her girl-power-band (somebody talked about: girl-war!) had a life performance in Amsterdam on the Dam square, right in front of the Queens palace. So, in a manner of speaking they played before the Queen. ;-) And no less than two hours on end! Pearl is a real good entertainer, and the singing and playing power of her and the band are better than they were as well. (No, I am not prejudiced at all!)  
After some time Mik, who walks now a bit, fell asleep, in his pram, when I pushed him away from the verbal violence his mother produced... (They play it rough those girls) So everybody was happy. 

1-7-2004 Yesterday Ton was supposed to be operated upon... a rupture in the less discussed regions. But when he was wheeled away to the theatre, he felt queer. Inside they found that his blood pressure was alarmingly high. 220-180. Too much of a risk for the Hospital Statistics, so Ton was sent home. Late at night his blood pressure was around 153-85, and this morning 173-94, which is not alarming at all for an elderly gentleman with no taste for gymnastics. Probably the moisture he was injected with against thrombosis has done the job. Next week conferences with other medics. Now we have a few days off, so to speak. 

26 May 2004. Betty and Ferry had a lovely holiday with the kids in Turkey. They never were so sweet and obedient. But then they never had one grown-up a person at disposal! ;-) .....
Ton has regained his independence, now that he can leave the premises unattended and is able to cross the city in his electric chair with joystick ;-) His health is not too bad, even when he tires easily. But he keeps preaching, and teaching. 

Laetitia12 May 2004: Our Laetitia has her birthday, and gets back to work today. She has been looking forward to that, even when she is doting very much on her little Charlotte. 

9 May 2004: Mothers day! In church there were sweets with the coffee, so we had a nice start. After which I went down to the kitchen to prepare diner: we would gourmet with the children. (Ton loves that very much.) It takes a lot of preparing, but most of us like the possibility of weird combinations like chicken with sweets, and onions with fruit. We kept it quiet: no grandchildren. Would have been too much for Tony. Now he kept it up till 20 hrs They started coming at 16 +. Alas, Betty had to leave at 18 hrs, and at that time Laetitia was called home: her husband felt too ill, of a sudden, to handle the baby with safety. Later that night she fell ill too, poor dears. So just Tonio and Diana and Pearl were left, which was nice in a way, because Ton could keep it up an hour longer, this way. I got some lovely sound boxes for the computer, so I am happy ever after. ;-)Bettypresents!TonioDaughter number four vier ;-)

Laetitia shows how to handle a babyParel

28-2-2004. Another God gift in our family: yesterday, 27-2-2004 a little girl was born to Barend and Laetitia. Her names: Charlotte Elisabeth. 3762 grams, and 52 cm. She seems healthy enough, and we are very, very happy! More recent pictures at Charlotte, the bla-bla is in Dutch, I hope you don't mind. I had no time left, lately for the nicer things of life, like updating this part of my website. So sorry!

18 February 2004. Tony is not too bad. He went for a walk this afternoon, all on his own. :-))
Sunday he has a service in French, the Lords Supper too! A lot of work, for both of us...
Amber has been shoplifting, and Mik has chickenpox. Poor thing! Betty's kid had a lovely day with carnavalesque clothing at school, although it must not be named that way... 

29 January 2004. More marital news! Today Laetitia and Barend were married, and of course
there were pictures to be taken. Now the snow made them even more picturesque, so without a veil etc. she was a blushing bride in the happy sense. The witness Jurgen made those pictures. It was a very private affaire, but in their happiness you can now share. ;-)

That night the family united for a nice dinner, all hand made by bride and groom. We sorely missed Betty, who could not come because of the weather conditions. Ton was there, and addressed the happy couple. 

25 January 2004. This is the first birthday of Pearl and René's marriage. Congratulations! I had a service way up in the North (of Holland) and Ton felt well enough to go to the local church. He was dead for the world the rest of the day, but that in itself is, from a theological point of view, not that bad. ;-)

Ton gets up for a few hours, every now and then... not to be dressed yet, but he is more optimistic. All will be better in due time. 

12-01-2004 Our youngest, Laetitia, entered the brides days... She hopes to be married soon.

All the luck, dears!
Ton is still very bad, but is at times a bit more optimistic. 

7-1-2004 Ton started the Year with a service in a stone cold church. This resulted in a severe bronchitis, which rests very heavy on his chest. He is so tired of all that coughing! 

29-04-2003 This morning Ton was honoured by HM the Queen with the knighthood in the order of Orange Nassau. This because of his many merits, under which those for The Gospel in Spain and the sake of the Protestants in Spain. It was a moving ceremony, where many good people got a bit of recognition for the outstanding things they did and do. It is so good to see how there are many individuals who care about people and society. It was a long and tiring session, but worthwhile. Betty, Ferry, Tonio, Diana, Laetitia and Barend were present, which delighted Ton. So was the President of the Gospel-in-Spain-board. :-) Another source of delight. 

Saturday the 25th 2003 Parel and René were married. Look at the website home.hccnet.nl/g.a.voerman.van.haselen/marriage.html or  vlieland.html and at  home.hccnet.nl/g.a.voerman.van.haselen/huwelijksdienst.html but the latter are in Dutch only... 

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