Charlotte has a taste of cake!Charlotte shares her umbella with her Mother11-2-2006. Tomorrow Amber has her birthday, and she did party today because of the amount of people to come. Charlottte enjoyed herself with so many welknown relatives, and when it came to Amber to blow the candles on the cake, Charlotte helped her from high on Daddy's Charlotte inspects the garlandsarm! The helping of the birthday cake was ample, so our girl did not make it quite to the end, but Mommy, (who had knitted her new brown jersey, that she did not want to take off!) was seated next to her, and she helped her a lot. 
Ambers toys were all new to Charlotte, so she loved to play with them. The little-friends computer was a hit, but the mop no less, and Charlotte started a cleaning tour of the house, which ended at the foot of the stairs, she was not allowed to climb. 
Charlotte probeert de gele zwabber van AmberCharlotte en het lichtknopjeBut then she found something new and exciting: the switch of the light!

Fas-ci-na-ting, the process of putting it on and switching it of...

What a lovely day it was. When she got tired, and her parents wanted to take her home, she did nót, she did nót consent... But they are huge and she is small, and it is not fair!!!

 Charlotte met viltstift Lotteke met viltstiftkunst6-3-2006. Yesterday Charlotte came to visit her Grandfather and Grandmother, since they both had their birthday. And 41 years ago they were maried on the self same day as well. Mommy had made a very beautifull girl of Lotte, with some adornment in her hair, that kept falling off. She looked so cute! Lots of family was around, kids from 7-4 years, but she just did what she wanted to do... Charlotte vliegtShe made some beautifull paintings, and did not even paint her clothes! Still holding the colours at a right angle, which is normal for her age.

Here she is flying like an angel, being deposited into her fathers hands high over the table.


Charlotte ziet er niet uitLater Lotte found the sunglases in the toybox. In combination with the tod she looks extremely outerspace! 

That evening Charlotte had no apetite. And in the middle of the night she emptied her stomach on top of mr. Bear. That she deemed worse than anything else... So she wept loud: Bear, Bear! 
Mommy woke up!

 charlotte op Grootvaders schoot

27-2-2006. Hurray! Today Charlotte has doubled her age, as her father wrote in his invitation for this occasion. Well, naturally we went gladly!
 She was just waking up when we came, so a bit confused, and not at all interested in gifts and family and things. She clinged to mother, bear, and dot.

But on grandfathers lap she felt secure...


Charlotte blaast de kaarsjes uit

 The tod left her mouth only when the candles had to be blown out. A fact that Charlotte handled so well, that it had to be repeated again and again. 

Charlotte blaast nog eens

The birthday cake was a beaut! Specially desighed for her. With a Bear as centrepiece, and a lovely edible train...

Charlotje snoept van de trein van de taartCharlotte confiscated quickly the first wagon with teh elefant, and it took her half an hour before it was quite down the red lane. Whoever was near would come and clean her...
Lots of toys befell her, and no doubt she will play with it all, in due time.


charlotte, wie anders? ;-)lotje met een lekkere langevinger17-2-2006. Yesterday Charlotte passed by. They were in town, in order to scout for her birthday wishes. The young lady was a bit shy to begin with, but some cookies and fruit put paid with that soon enough.

Charlotte hapt in de krentenbolCharlotte verkneukelt zichA moment later she distributed raisins, especially to her grandfather. Look how she enjoys herself! Part of the education: this sharing. And a good one. 
But raisins never fill an empty stomach, so we gave her grandfathers breakfast... the last bit of bread in the house. She started readily enough on it, but she could not manage it. Mother dear was as hungry as her daugher, so she finished it. 

Een lanchende CharlotteCharlotte makes small sentences of 3 - 5 words. They say. For she did not say that much, tonight. 

Barend went to fetch the car, but Charlotte did not catch that, so she started looking all over the place. 'Daddy?'

You should have seen her joy when he came back!

9-2-2006. Charlotte is particularily vexing as to her food, these days. All children know these periods, but parents think that children have to eat in order to survive... 

4 december 2005. Charlottes father had his birhtday, and we went over for a belated visit. Our dolly starts to talk and she walks fine now. She just discovered jumping, and was hopping along. She never minds a fall...

1 december 2005. Charlotte has a tendency to wake her parents up at night. They are NOT amused. 

15-11-2005. Charlotte is teething again. No sleep for the parents at night. But they have to work at daytime... it is not fair. 

26-10-2005. Charlotte went to Sweden for a week, in order to play with her friend Anna. They did a lot of misschief, poor parents...

28-8-2005. Yesterday Charlotte reached the age of one and a half year. Partytime, so we were invited to go and see the new house and our granddaughter as well. 
She is growing rapidly, walks between table and chair, climbs her little chair with her knees first, and turns and sits after that. We did not permit her to stand on the chair. Funny people, she thought. 
She talks a lot in baby-talk, but now she mixes some words in that we can understand as well. Where-is? en Bear is gone... 
Her teddybear is teh most important item in life, next to Daddy and Mom, of course. 
A sweet tooth she has definitively! 

But in lieu of something sweet she will do with her tod...

13-8-2005. Charlotte loves the garden of their new home. 

She starts asking for things. Happie, when she 'd like another spoonfull. She has started shuffeling her food in herself, but she uses her fingers as much as her fork.

And she loves to sing!!! :-)

Charlotte18-7-2005 All of a sudden Charlotte is a baby no more, she has changed a lot. She does walk, but keeps better course when there is a hand to cling to. All of a sudden she has the same light and dancing elfin figure her mother used to have. Her little face is finer and it seems that some maternal genes are expressing themselves now.

Here she is charming her grandfather, who loves to be charmed by her,

She was dressed very much a little woman, and she felt quite at ease.


She has chafed her knee for the first time, an event that will no doubt be repeated over the years

20-6-2005 Today was Charlottes first day in her new home. Her doggy was in her own bed, and all her fluffies were sitting around her, so the shock was soon over.

Charlotte belt even op.15-6-2005. Charlotte came along with her mother, who came to seek some boxes. While her mother went in, Charlotte went in the back of the car through the motions of phoning her. 
They learn by copying, those young imps.

Hobbly wobbly she walks on her own. and she likes it.  

amber en charlotte in ambers speelhuisje11 June 2005. Charlotte had a day off and was with her niece Amber in Den Bosch for the day, to give her parents more room for their moves towards moving. Amber and Charlotte had much pleasure in Ambers play house. 

The result was that later it was impossible for them to go to sleep, so they had to be separated for a time. After half an hour of singing to her bear, Lotte went to sleep at last.

charlotte is gevloerd1 June 2005. Charlotte is still having a cold. And she is teething. What a delight for parents and child!  But in between our little one stays gay and singing. And gig-gig-giggling. Charlotte can walk on her own legs now, and she is busy packing things, for they are planning to move shortly. To a house with a garden...

11-05-2005. Laetitia told us that Charlotte starts to talk: short sentences like: Mama, come! And answering questions like: what is that child doing? with crying! So her development is reasonably normal.  

30-4-2005. Today, Queens day, Charlotte passed by with her parents, on bike. Charlotte produces a loud ringing noise, so everybody could see that she was steering, although her Mother wíll insist in keeping hold of the barrow as well. Her father told us, that he had one of his computer joy sticks in the form of a real steering wheel standing on the floor, when his daughter manoeuvred herself alongside, sat herself behind it, started steering and called:  vroom vroom! Today we saw that she could stand without help, when she needed both hands for a drink etc. charlotte rijdt auto, met de tong uit de mond!Marjolein met Charlotte in de armencharlotte weigert een cake-je19-4-2005. Charlotte showed last Sunday on Miks birthday how well she could drive a car. Especially when my younger sister, who holds her here, was the driving power behind it. Mik was jealous, but could not persuade her to get out and hand the steering wheel to him. So he climbed in next to her, and tried to ease  her out. It was not easy at all, and not until they were both grabbing and holding the wheel, the parents prevented further damage by taking Charlotte out for a drink and a bite of some sweet cake. See for some pictures on the subject Miks page.  

rijbewijs charlotte30 March 2005. Charlotte had already a rosa drivers licence, made by her doting parents, but this one must be very official!

Yesterday we were at their place, for a belated birthday visit, and we saw with our own eyes how the young lady heaves herself up from the floor, and gets round, with a good grip on the table and other projections at the right hight. She'll walk shortly. 

Just wait and see. 

Ton hided the little white bear under his coat, and it was with Charlotte as much a success as with the others.   

Her bear is a favourite, so is her thumb.... 

charlotte kruiptcharlotte klapt eens in haar handjes bijna blijcharlotte: op haar boze bolletje, allebei

charlotte op papa's motor13 March 2005. Charlotte came to Den Bosch to celebrate Ambers third birthday. She crawls and claps her hands deftly when needed at some nursery rhymes.  They gay colours of Ambers new play kitchen enthranced her. And a spoon in a pan was an intriguing item. :-)  When leaving, she tried her fathers motorbike. He says that she has a rosa drivers license, but she can't start anyway. Her legs are too short as yet.

charlotte met ouderscharlotte met moeder6 March 2005. Charlotte was a short time present when her grandparents had their golden marriage party. An important part she missed, and we missed her, but once present, her sunny laugh brightened the sky, though she can be pensive as well.


Ze sabbelde op allerlei lekkers, dronk melk en vruchtensap, liet zich van de ene naar de andere arm glijden, hier heeft ze een goed gesprek met (oud)tante Gima, vond al die mensen even leuk, en genoot ook van de aandacht van Betty's kinderen, van Amber en van Mik. 

28 February 2005. Yesterday Charlotte had her glorious birthday. She loved the visitors and adored the wrappings and the presents as well. We were sorry not to be present. 

19 February 2005. Charlotte has been busy teething. The result is: 7 1/2 tooth, 6 up, 2 under, one coming. She stands but doesn't walk. And she is ill with chicken pocks. But next weeks (first) birthday will be held anyway at Sunday 27-2 from 14-17. 

25 January 2005. Charlotte is okay again and one big grin. There are four tiny white pearls behind the upper lip. Daddy is só proud!

5 January 2005. Now Mom is a bit better, and Daddy is ill too. A happy family! 

1 January 2005. Charlotte brings her father lots of work. She is ill, just like her mother. Lets see if medication helps!

Charlotte is teething, so her parents get no rest at night, nor in the day... Merry holidays! :-(

22 December 2004. Charlotte came with her parents to show (off) how she could stand on her own feet. (For a short time.) Look: no hand of Daddy involved!

14 December. Aunt Pearl had her birthday, and all the little ones were on all fours. Except for Chalotte who moves herself snakelike on her belly. The doggy she found fascinating, but only fron save heights she would pat it. Miks grandmother Lea has a comfortable lap, but why wants Mik to join? Men!

15 October 2004 Little Charlotte came over for the evening, to entertain her grandfather and grandmother. A very social girl she is. She loves to play with her feet, and stands on them too, if sustained. You can see how much she has grown since July!   21 July 2004 we got a phone call... Uhm... we would like to visit the Parade, but that might prove too much for Charlotte! And so she were to come and watch TV, with Granddad in bed. Nice. They had some great conversations.
Everybody was sorry when they left! Here Laetitia is carrying her daughter.

10 juli 2004 Charlotte had a most exciting week! Last Tuesday she went by plane to England, for her father wanted to see the Formula-1 racers in London, and he took his best friend, his daughter and his wife. The latter two had tea in Convent Garden and listened to some Classical Music, which was not as bad as Charlotte was led to believe. Then they went to the London Museum of Transport, where some pneumatic doors gave her a terrible fright!

For the pictures until 1 July 2004 click  (in Dutch, but who cares? Those are all pictures of the young lady!)